Pet Day 2018

SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES OF BADAJOZ                 PET DAY 2018                Javier Gesto

Today we would like to invite you to participate in yet another activity to put your English into practice again, in a real life situation., for all levels.  This time we’re going to bring our pets with us. Any pets !!!

We’ll meet in the gardens of La Alcazaba, weather permitting, on Friday 19th January 2018, say from 17:00 to 18:00, and we’ll use our pets as an excuse for speaking in English. If you’re in Basic Level, you may show a red armband (or clothing), if you’re in Intermediate Level, show a yellow armband, and if you’re in Advanced Level, show a green armband. That way, you can quickly talk to someone your level, although we’re flexible, and you may feel free to break this procedure !!!!

We suggest that you bring your real pet, but if you don’t have a pet, well, you can bring some pictures of a pet you or your family once had. The idea is that, depending on your own levels, you can give and ask information about your pet, something like:

Typical characteristics of such breed (behaviour/needs/etc)

And on a more personal note:
Did you find it? Buy it? Receive it as a present?
How? When? Where? Who? Why? How much? How long ago?
Previous owners?
Any story behind your pet? (rescued from accident?/ taken from dog pound? )
Any anecdotes with you? (at home, in car, while travelling, visiting the vet,)
Why is it so important to you?
What can a pet offer children? / senior citizens? / people with illnesses or disabilities?
Your pet’s typical day?
Your pet’s food preferences?
Your pet’s enemies?

As you can see, there are many things you can say about your pets. Just relax and share your pet’s life with us all !!!